Book Trailers

Attract your readers with a book trailer video! 

Your video will be a great advertisement for your book or genre of book. The video will be custom built and include images of your book/s, personalized backgrounds and a background soundtrack that evokes the feel of your book and/or it's genre.

Book trailers are a brilliant way to bring books to life and often encourage readers to purchase a book they might not usually choose.
Your book trailer will be customized with a soundtrack that compliments  your book and it's genre. Featuring your book's front cover, excerpts from your book, reviews and your author website and/or sales channel (i.e. Amazon/Barnes & Noble etc) You can be certain that your book trailer will be totally customized for you - no templates used here!

To design and produce a Book Trailer Video £99.00

(Approx US$125.00)

Please note US$ price may vary slightly due to rate of exchange

Jenny comment.JPG

Jenny Jeffrey, author Awakening: The Inevitable Door

Cathy Brooks, author Not My Story To Tell