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Keri De Deo, author of award winning Young Adult fiction book Nothing But A Song requested a website that would reflect both her love of music and her book Nothing But A Song. Keri's website is designed and built with a background soundtrack and the ability to read and listen to a sample chapter of her award winning book. You can visit to see it in its full glory!

Mike Savage asked me to completely re-design his author website  to show off his memoir A Prisoner's Perspective: The Redemption of a Criminal Mastermind. Mike didn't want the usual prison image associations i.e razor wire , so I gave him a relaxing and soothing beach background video with the tide coming in! I  also copied in Mike's posts and images from his blog on the old website. You can view the full website at 

Richie De-Benham asked me to design a website that would capture the feel of his debut Sci-Fi novel Counterweight Maneuver, I also designed the accompanying Facebook Video Header, a Book Trailer, a Twitter Header image and various social media graphics. You can view the website in full here.

Trisha J Kelly asked me to design a website that would take in both her children's series of books and her new crime thriller. So instead of trying to figure out how to incorporate both genres and a background for her website, I gave her a very feminine images of lilies, marble, a gold pen and a white keyboard! Visitors to Trisha's website are able to click on each book, read a sample chapter, and then purchase  by way of a link to Amazon. You can see her website here.

Keith Hirshland asked me to design an author website  to show off his three books Cover Me Boys, I'm Going In (Memoir), Big Flies and The Flower Girl Murder (Crime Thrillers)  You can view the full website at

Wendy L Anderson asked me to design a website for her fantasy novels Of Demon Kind and Redemption of The Fallen. The books are set in a mythical land full of Gothic castles, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. I found the perfect background and the font for Wendy's name that matches the font on her books. You can see the website in full here

Ronald Harris, a VIP Marketing client asked me to design an author website  to show off his two memoirs An Evacuee's Experience and My Life My Story.  You can view the full website here

Ferishta Ganga asked me to design a website for her debut novel 'The Rebels' a thriller/mystery book set in the beautiful mountainous imaginary country of Kangar. Please visit to view the entire four page website. You can read Ferishta's review here